Intuitive Design

Products people understand

“The studio has a very well developed concept when they come to you, which for a company is a great help”

Patrizia Moroso - CEO, Moroso

At Benjamin Hubert, we understand that design solutions should be intuitive. Our team conducts studies into how people use and misuse products. We then apply this knowledge to deliver new solutions for the world we live in. This focus on observed human behaviours enables us to design products that people understand immediately and use intuitively.

Asked to design a collection of containers for Menu, our team launched a study into consumer practices to find new behavioural insights into how people manage food storage. We then designed four distinctive pots, each with a form driven by a specific function – from sharing cookies to pouring grain. The resulting collection, with its new, behaviour-based solutions, has a strong intuitive connection with consumers and elevates the experience of an everyday task.