Research & Development

Benjamin Hubert Ltd seeks to add tangible value for our clients and their consumers when delivering new product solutions to the market. The studio has a rigorous approach to product development and works closely with production facilities and our clients to develop insights into new and existing materials and construction methods. We cross the boundaries between design and engineering to deliver products that achieve new levels of performance.

Our team of designers and engineers is constantly questioning how to make products that are easier to use, more efficient, and that engage meaningfully with their users and their environment.

Every project is founded on a thorough analysis of human behaviour in terms of usability and ergonomics to establish how people use and misuse products.

Alongside this, we conduct design language research to establish new approaches to creating visually iconic products.

Throughout this process, the studio continues to ask how we can deliver leading solutions at the right price point for the target consumers, value engineering our products to meet market needs.

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