Research defines the starting point for every project at Benjamin Hubert. To create something new it first needs a good reason to exist.

There first needs to be a good question to get a great answer. Can you make a product easier to use, more efficient, increase the performance or decrease its carbon footprint? These are some of the questions we look to answer.

A research study can take anything from 6 months to four years. They take a variety of forms at the studio including;

Analysis of usability and ergonomics, how do people really use their products.

Design language research, how can we create something that is visually new or has a new typology. Investigations into materiality, can we find a new construction or material that allows us to increase a products performance, the users experience or challenge the accepted norm.

The research takes the form of talking directly to factories about production, seeking out material samples and new techniques, prototype development and user interviews.